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4 December 2001

7:52 PM: I wrote an entry last night, or technically, early this morning, going over the small number of events worth noting from the last however many days. It wasn't the best entry, but it did the job.

Sadly, though, Today is the day that Lana left on her train trip to an undisclosed secure location for a week. Since she is the main contact with our co-location people, naturally, as soon as she was beyond reach, the hard disk on this server melted (or something, I have as yet not received any details), and a backup from yesterday morning restored. Good-bye, new entry.

Now I just don't have the umph to redo it. Saw Mono Pause, they rocked out like an East Asian disco rock band, kind of, with this supercute girl dressed like a Caltrain commuter (in skirt-suit, ruffled shirt, and sneakers) singing in some language, possibly English. This was great but unexpected. Then everyone began to speak backwards and the keyboards exploded and there was a lot of static, and the world took a familiar shape once more.

Friday was Call and Response, who were great and I've already talked about that. The second band that night was Sunshine Fix, who took us on a Magical History Tour though most styles of rock for the last couple decades. Not in a campy or retro-poser way (like the execrable but undoubtedly popular Mars Volta), but with talent and a sense that, yes, they know you're laughing, they're laughing too, but at the same time, they love this stuff. Great short instrumental version of "Within You, Without You", mainly on trumpet. Good things.

Saw Heist, it's good. Watched a lot of TV. Reruns start now, argh. Sleater-Kinney added a third show - this one, with Aislers Set opening! Yay. Will be much fun, even if it is in the unimaginably distant and unpredictable future that is January of next year...

Otherwise, I don't go outside, I don't sleep more than 4 or 5 hours at a time - except for Thursday when I slept about 18 hours straight - and so what? I also seem to have completely stopped going to the bar, which is a bit odd. I mean, probably a good thing in many ways. But I don't remember making a deliberate decision to do that. I just don't particularly want to, not lately. Could just be the cold. Spent yesterday in long johns, wool socks, and my Mars pants, and my legs were still freezing. Strange thing is, a t-shirt and sweater were plenty for torso and legs. So that's a circulation thing, isn't it? Uh oh. Heart attack time. Well, at least then, I won't have to decide where to go on vacation next year.

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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